To convert 1 million makeup users to cleaner, greener HIGHR lip products.

We are a female founded, California made luxury lip-wear company, brought to you by a collective of industry insiders.

Everything on the lip is ingested. The lip category is the most invasive category in beauty, and we take great care to responsibly formulate cutting edge, plant-first lip products for women. 

As the world's first CO2 neutral lipstick and first certified B Corp™ luxury lip company, and a Best For The World 2022 award winner, HIGHR offers a new view of luxury, meeting the highest verified standards of social and environmental impact, accountability and transparency. 

We do things a lot differently than the rest of the beauty industry.  Explore our progress below. ↓

  • HIGHR is committed to environmental responsibility, and sustainability to us goes far beyond the packaging of our products alone.  Buying one HIGHR Lipstick saves a total of 5.8 lbs of carbon dioxide compared to standard lipstick.  We've reduced our carbon footprint by formulating HIGHR Lipstick with 100% clean solar energy.  We then offset all operational CO2 to be 100% carbon neutral by actively tracking all daily operational carbon with Native Energy.  We record all freight, employee air, train and car travel, facilities, accommodations, conferences, tube manufacturing, and warehousing to offset all carbon used.  To date we have saved and offset a total of 55.1 metric tons of CO2.  These funds are supporting the expansion of Gold Standard renewable energy initiatives in the United States.

    In terms of formulating, we believe that liquid plastic and silicone have no place near your mouth. We go beyond any governmental regulation and ban Polyethylene, Polybutene, and all PEG chemicals from our lip products. We do not use any form of silicone in any of our products.

    We use metal over plastic wherever we can, and are actively working on eco-innovation for upcoming products.

    We use recycled and biodegradable paperboards.  HIGHR fulfilment is also biodegradable, including adhesives.  All boxes are printed with vegetable and water inks. 

  • The lip category is the most invasive category in beauty, and we take great care to responsibly formulate cutting edge, plant-first lip products for women. 

    We start every formula by working with bioavailable organic ingredients that are used as the foundation for all HIGHR formulas.  We then add plant-derivatives to improve performance.  The results are award-winning combinations of purity + plant innovation.

    In addition to our ingredient listing, we also list our ingredient’s origin, certification, and specific function within the formula to better inform you.

    Finally, we are committed to protecting animal welfare.  HIGHR Lipstick is PETA certified 100% Cruelty Free.

    When developing our lip balms, we felt that we needed to include beeswax in order to achieve the healing properties we needed for a HIGHR balm to exist. Therefore, our lip balms utilize premium beeswax harvested at a low rate, ensuring there are no real negative effects on the colony. No other animal products are used and these products are also cruelty free.

  • We aim for inclusivity on every HIGHR product and lipstick shade that we develop.

    We start by developing shades that are mid-tone, with an equal balance of cool and warm pigment. We then trial varying versions of the shade across a variety of skintones. Our original five launch shades were trialed on 115 different women across ethnicities and skintones. During COVID, we turned to our artistry community to input on shade development when sharing lab samples became an issue.

    Achieving 100% universality for all shades may be near impossible - but we are committed to inclusivity and that involves hearing from you! If you have any feedback for us at all, please email the Hi team at hi@highrcollective.com.

  • We create functional, luxury packaging solutions to better fit your life while looking after our planet.

    When designing our packaging we take many factors into account such as the lifecycle of the product and where the product is used, and then overlay that with customer input. This gives us an idea of how to we can make improvements to your everyday lip products.

    For HIGHR Lipstick, our first design challenge was to build a mirror into our cap to make lipstick more convenient.  We're now working on creating a refillable system to complete the circularity of the product.