The clean girl aesthetic has taken the beauty and fashion world by storm, celebrating simplicity, natural beauty, and effortless elegance. This trend prioritizes minimal makeup, polished grooming, and timeless style, creating a look that is both sophisticated and easy to achieve. At HIGHR, we are committed to clean beauty, bringing a new dimension to the aesthetic.  Here’s how you can embrace and redefine the clean girl aesthetic using the cleanest lip products possible.

What is the Clean Girl Aesthetic?

The clean girl aesthetic fuses natural beauty and minimal makeup for an overall effortless look. It’s about being put-together and polished while maintaining an air of simplicity. Key elements include a glowing complexion, well-groomed brows, understated makeup, simple hairstyles, and a wardrobe of classic, versatile pieces.

The Evolution of the Clean Girl Aesthetic

While the core principles of the clean girl aesthetic remain the same, the growing emphasis on plant-based ingredients and clean beauty has added new meaning to this trend. Consumers are increasingly aware of the ingredient safety in their beauty products and their environmental impact. This shift has led to a demand for products that not only will achieve the trend’s look but are also safe for people and planet.  HIGHR is at the forefront of this movement as we focus specifically on created lip products that are wearable for your everyday life while being the cleanest and lightest impact lip products in your makeup bag.

Highr Collective’s Clean Lip Products

Our lip products are designed to provide luxurious, high-performance results without compromising on clean beauty standards. Here’s how our lip products can help you achieve the clean girl look:

1. Organic Vanilla Lip Balm 

Our Organic Vanilla Lip Balm is an essential addition to the clean girl routine. Made from premium, upcycled organic ingredients, our chapstick style balm not only hydrates and nourishes your lips but also reduces waste and supports a circular beauty industry.

  • Key Benefits:
    • Organic Ingredients: Crafted from organic sunflower oil, organic coconut oil and organic beeswax.
    • Intense Healing: Heals cracks in the lip by calming with Organic Calendula Extract.
    • Eco-Friendly: Reduces environmental impact by repurposing materials that would otherwise go to waste.

2. HIGHR Glossing Lip Oil in shade Blue Jeans

For a touch of shine and a hint of flattering pinky-nude color, HIGHR Glossing Lip Oil in the shade Blue Jeans is an excellent choice. Formulated with organic ingredients, this lip gloss enhances your natural lip color and provides a glossy, non-sticky finish. For a effortless glossy shine, Blue Jeans is the perfect shade for the clean girl trend. 

  • Key Benefits:
    • Clean Formula: Free from synthetic silicones chemicals and plasticizers.
    • Hydrating Properties: Infused with organic oils to keep lips moisturized.
    • Subtle Shine: Adds a polished touch to your look without being overpowering.

3. HIGHR Lipstick

If you prefer full pigment color with the hydration of a balm, HIGHR Lipstick is ideal. It comes in a range of shades focusing on nudes and everyday pinks while nourishing your lips with clean, natural ingredients. 

  • Key Benefits:
    • Organic Ingredients: Provides soft, comfortable, and high pigment wear.
    • Nourishing Ingredients: Packed with vitamins and antioxidants.
    • Versatile Use: Perfect for everyday wear, enhancing any lip color.

Achieving the Clean Girl Aesthetic with Highr Collective

1. Prioritize Lip Care

Healthy, hydrated lips are a hallmark of the clean girl aesthetic. Start your routine with Organic Vanilla Lip Balm to ensure your lips are smooth and moisturized. This step not only preps your lips for other products but also gives you cushioned, plump lips.

2. Enhance with Natural Color

For a subtle touch of color to a deeper shade, apply HIGHR Lipstick (or ship to step 3 if you aren’t a lipstick girl!). Choose a shade that complements your natural lip color to enhance your features with a clean finish.

3. Add a Polished Finish

Finish your look with a swipe of HIGHR Glossing Lip Oil. This adds a hint of shine and sophistication, perfect for achieving the clean girl’s signature polished appearance.


The clean girl aesthetic is more than just a trend; it’s a lifestyle that values simplicity, natural beauty, and effortlessness. By incorporating HIGHR’s clean lip products into your routine, you can embrace this aesthetic with a renewed focus on ethical beauty practices. Our commitment to clean, sustainable products allows you to achieve a chic, effortless look while utilizing the best natural ingredients. Embrace the evolution of the clean girl aesthetic and elevate your beauty routine with our innovative lip products.


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