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This week, meet Deanna Hagan! 

"Deanna is a celebrity and editorial makeup artist that has been super supportive of HIGHR from the get-go. She does everything from natural, soft everyday makeup to a bright painted pigment editorial eye.  She's a true craftsman in this industry." - Molly, Founder of HIGHR Collective

Take it away Deanna!...


Deanna Hagan, editorial and celebrity Makeup Artist.



Although I’m not typically a lipstick wearer, I do love to layer lip balm with a swipe of CHATEAU or LIPS ON ACID over the top. I often do the same on models. Or sometimes use CHILTERN full strength as it's a gorgeous vibrant red. For a beautiful cherry stained look, I’ll apply layers and wipe back repeatedly. 


I am totally loving the newsletter The Know - its bit-sized daily news recaps that is super digestible, interesting and comes with an element of positivity (because the news really can be depressing most times!) 



I get married in June so my life lately has been curating the perfect wedding playlist. I have also been sucked into the Nearly Weds podcast that I listen to when walking my dog, I literally laugh out loud. 



Over the past year I’ve been discovering a lot of Ukrainian designers and finding ways to incorporate them into my wardrobe — blouses from Etnodim, jewellery from Poche and Kolomatska, denim from Ksenia Schnaider and scarves from Gunia Project.

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