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This week, meet Beckielou! 

"I've been obsessed with Altra which I was amazingly targeted with on Instagram.  The brand's aesthetic is absolutely gorgeous, so I was so excited when I was sat next to the founder at a breakfast recently!  Beckielou has an incredibly discerning eye and has brought some truly indulgent perfumes to life through Altra.  My favorite is Jasmin XXX." - Molly, Founder of HIGHR Collective

Take it away Beckielou!...


I AM: 

Beckielou Brown, founder and perfume-creator at Altra.



I'm currently rotating between LION and LIP MILK.  I love LION patted on to my lips (and cheeks) for an effortless look that's comfortable and buildable making it great for day to night.  It's the perfect update to the browny nudes I used to wear in the 90s.  

On days where I don't want colour but want a softly polished look I'm loving the LIP MILK.  The glass tube is so chic.


I’m currently working on a new collab for Altra that involves a lot of architectural and sculptural research, which is my favorite pastime, so I’m getting lost down a rabbit hole of obscure references that feed my creativity! 70’s Interior design books and magazines, books on Henry Moore and Frank Lloyd Wright’s work, and Metropolitan Places by Elizabeth Hebert are currently on my desk.


I listen to Manifest Now by Idil Ahmed on repeat while getting ready in the morning, it really helps me solidify a positive mindset for the day especially when my mind is running at 100 miles an hour and things start to feel overwhelming.


I am such a uniform girl, summer is almost inevitably a pair of white shorts, a vintage cotton cami and my signature white Ferragamo pumps.


Follow Beckielou at @beckielou on Instagram and find Altra at



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